The door of secrets

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An ode to nature and to the poetic world of Brocéliande.

On 31 March 2018, the Gate of Secrets sprung back to life. New characters, new decor, games and original visual effects await!

Set inside the historical buildings of the Paimpont Abbey, the walk-through experience of the Gate of Secrets features a physical and sensory immersion into the poetic world of Brocéliande.

A must-see when first discovering the forest of Brocéliande!

Guiding the public along the tour, Pierre – a charismatic narrator – introduces himself as the forest warden of Brocéliande. A descendant from a long line of local inhabitants, he knows the forest inside out: its myths and legends, the fauna and flora, popular tales associated with the remarkable trees of Brocéliande, the history of the Forges of Paimpont, and all the mysterious little people that dwell in its woods.